As known, in our country a unity couldn’t be done about usage of Turkish terms in engineering field. The terms that are originated from foreign languages is being used directly without any transformation or with some rearrangements in Turkish as nominally and verbally and sometimes people in this field tend to use the terms as translating themselves as desired. This leads to incomprehension and many misunderstandings on any topic.

In order to cure this problem, with a mission of proper and unified usage of terms, a glossary of terms in heat sciences has been made by Turkish Heat Science and Engineering Association in the year 1994. The glossary is revised with some additions made and some arrangements done on it and been created as a glossary of heating science and engineering.

This glossary have been created by our associations own efforts without any help of linguistic scientists. As a result of that this glossary is not a technical dictionary but more of a kind of a glossary to be a reference for terms used in heating sciences and engineering fields.

Considerations have been made during preparation of this glossary is listed below:

– The necessity of technical terms have to carry a meaning that is same with the casual usage of that term i.e. terms have to be noted as their casual meanings.
– A term may have more than one corresponding words for proper use.
– To enhance the richness of language, using both new and traditional words that are corresponding the term in Turkish language.
– The usage of a term from another language is a valid usage in Turkish also.

It is so clear that this glossary needs evaluate to a more developed one and every advice about the glossary and suggestions for words are very valuable in this manner. Any suggestions made will be appreciated.

I wish to present my special thanks for valuable helps they provide during preparation of the glossary to prof.dr. Etc. And I wish to present my thanks for out masters degree student Ali Ali for making the arrangement and electronic one of the glossary.

Prof. Dr. Haşmet Türkoğlu
TIBTD President