In the autumn of 1974, after a workshop had a subject of ‘Thermodaynamics Education’ in Boğaziçi University, the first idea of establishing a heat science and engineering society has been bandied about in order to develop researches and applications in heat science and engineering all across the Turkey. The main points of regulations of the association has written by a small group of research assistant the general run of assistans in METU (Middle East Technical University) and ITU (Istanbul Technical University) and by early 1975 association has established in Department of Mechanical Engineering, in METU. Today, this association is one of the earliest establishments which aims to improve science and engineering in Turkey.

Number of members exceeded over one hundred in one year. In the first two months one Heat Science and Engineering Bulletin have published then from the beginning of April of 1978, a new “Journal of Heat Science and Engineering” have published and associations name has changed to “Turkish Society of Heat Science and Engineering”. In April 1977, at conference room of Collage of Science in Ankara University with many participants from industry and universities the First National Heat Science and Engineering Congress have congregated. Even though the works of society and publishments of journals take place in Department of Mechanical Engineering, METU, it is provided to spread events across the country, and make the works include other branches of engineering such as mechanical engineering, physics engineering and chemical engineering including other universities as well.

In December 1977, a Symposium of National Heat Transfer at ITU, in July 1978 a Symposium of Thermodynamic at Uludağ University, in November 1978, a Heating and Economics of Heating Congress at METU been made and the books of the first two events mentioned above have been published. Since the first National Heat and Science Congress, congresses are being made every year after in many Universities across the Turkey without any setback and the bulletins are being published. An English to Turkish Heat Glossary Dictionary been made by Engineer Msc. Abdullah Göğüş as a duplicate, and at the same time the Heat Journal revised and published as chapters.

The Founder President of the association, Prof. Dr. Yalçın Göğüş was the president until 1979. Afterwards as year by year, first Prof. Dr. Sadık Kakaç and Prof. Dr. Orhan Yeşin carried on the task of presidency together. With the rearrangements made by Prof. Dr. Sadık Kakaç and Prof. Dr. Orhan Yeşin, Consultative Committee have been created and awards of Successful Businessman, Successuful Educator, Successful Practitioner and Successful Higher Education been awarded. In December 1979, including international participants, a Alternative Enegry Sources and Environmental Problems Symposium been made and bulletins published. NATO Summer School organisations which made in Turkey been supported. Number of members reached to 463 at the begining of year 1981. In these years of associations establishment, many research assistants from universities helped the association with their work in journals and participations they made to
many symposiums and many businessman in industry helped with their work in broad of directors and with their financial contribution to association. But devotedly studies and works of Prof. Dr. Birol Kılkış are worth emphasizing.

The twelve years between 1981 and 1993, Prof. Dr. Nuri Sayal was the president. During his time, National Heat Congress was financially funded, Heat Journal was published as four chapters in a year, many scientific and technical meetings have arranged. In October 1982, The Future of Residential Heating in Turkey at Ankara, in March 1985, Our Heat Industry of Ankara Exhibition and Panel, in January 1987, Energy Conservation and Youth Seminar at ODTU, in March 1987 Technological and Economical Problems of Heat Industry at Ankara, and Recent Developments in Heat Industry Exhibition at Ankara, in May 1988, Natural Gas and Residential Heating at Ankara, in October 1988, Economics of Energy and Its Applications Symposium at Konya, in December 1989, Natural Gas Seminar in Ankara Atatürk Kültür Merkezi, in Adana with the cooperation of Cukurova University, every year after as started by first one in May 1990, second one in May 1992, and third one in 1994 May the National HVAC Symposium and Exhibition, In August 1990 with cooperation of Erciyes University, the second workshop of laws in Kayseri, In May 1991, Technological issues of Natural Gas Applications in METU, In May 1991 with cooperation of Ankara University, the Energy Management Congress in Erzurum have made by association. Papers in which have published in journal and congress books are classified by their subjects and an index been created by Prof. Dr. Hikmet Karakoç and printed. This print was useful for many collage students. Many TIBTD representatives have chosen in many universities around Turkey. It is worth emphasizing the efforts shown by Prof. Dr. Nevin Selçuk and Prof. Dr. Aric Ileri during this time.

For one year term between 1993-1994 Prof. Dr. Yalçin Gogus was the president and Prof. Dr. Ercan Ataer became president between years of 1994-2000 for six years and journal kept being published. Scientific meetings have been supported by association such as Symposium of Energy in 21st Century with Its All Aspects in Istanbul in April 1994 and Symposium of Geothermal Applications, in Denizli, in September 1994. Meetings have been arranged for permanent members for socializing and good relations. In these years many branches of heat engineering such as boiler construction, refrigeration, piping created their own main individual associations of their own topic published their own journals. As a result of these developments, Turkish Association of Heat Sciences and Engineering decided to weight the scientific aspects in journals rather than news, new products, patents, popular sciences with an idea of those actions would give a better profit for out country in means of exclusive applications based on science and engineering. Since many scientific and technical meetings been organized by many universities created a conclusion that association no need yo hold such a mission anymore which been done in 70’s and 80’s and decided to focus on publishing the journal. Association focused on its former membership of International Center For Applied Thermodynamics which was established by METU and ITU together and giving awards to honor our successful scientists in Turkey. Lectures are given in National Heat Congresses and workshops Are being held about scientific terms in use. English to Turkish heat glossary been improved by E.Ataer and Y.Gogus as included Azerbaijan dialects of terms and published. Between years of 2000-2006 Prof. Dr. Bekir zuhtu Uysal was the president. In parallel with the age of information by usage of Internet systems, members reached to 940 and a relations became easier with them. Despite of blocking all income excluding membership fees by the New Law of Associations, our association kept publishing the journal and improving the qualities of National Heat Science Congresses and held the position of being most prestigious journal around the Turkey with editorship of Prof. Dr. Tulay Yesim between years of 2000-2004 and with Prof. Dr. Hasmet Turkoglu after 2004.

Prof. Dr. Hasmet Turkoglu was president between years of 2006 and 2018. Editor of the journal is Prof. Dr. Nuri Yucel. The journal is being scanned by the database of Science Citation Index (SCI). It is worth emphasizing the efforts for development of journal happened in the presidency era of Prof. Dr. Bekir Zuhtu Uysal. After the time where scanning started in SCI, interest to our journal have risen. Turkish Heat Science and Engineering Journal is also scanned by the database of EBSCO and database of Fundamental Sciences of Engineering (TÜBITAK – ULAKBIM) Glossary of terms of Heat Science which previously been published by Prof. Dr. Yalcin Gogus and Prof. Dr. Ercan Ataer is reorganized and developed by Prof. Dr. Hasmet Turkoglu and turned into an electronic dictionary and sent to all members of the association. National Heat Science and Engineering Congresses are being held all across these country every year after. By the year 2012, member of association have reached to 1060 members.

Now the president of the association is Prof. Dr. Attila Biyikoglu as started by 2018, and the editor of the journal is Prof. Dr. Zafer Dursunkaya. By the year of 2018, number of members reached to 1100.